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Can My Baby's Father Still Be Involved?

Many dad’s feel that if their baby is breastfed they will be left out.  This is NOT true.  If you are worried about being a good father you are not alone!  There are other dad’s who feel the same way.  Talk to people you know or take a parenting class.  You will learn to be a good father by daily on the job training and by helping and showing your love.


There are many ways the father can be involved this including:

·         Holding, rocking, cuddling, and comforting your baby

·         Helping with meals and housework

·         Bathing or changing your baby’s diaper

·         Encourage mom by telling her you are proud of her and she is doing the best for your baby

·         Bring the baby to mom in the middle of the night

·         IF mom does pump give your baby the bottle

·         Burp your baby after he eats

·         Take your baby for a walk so mom can get some rest

·         If you have other children spend extra time with them to make sure they don’t feel left out

·         Be patient and understanding

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