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 What is tuberculosis?  Tuberculosis is a bacterial disease usually affecting the lungs (pulmonary TB). Other parts of the body can also be affected, for example lymph nodes, kidneys, bones, joints, etc. (extrapulmonary TB). Approximately 1,300 cases are reported each year in New York State.

Who gets tuberculosis?  Tuberculosis can affect anyone of any age. People with weakened immune systems are at increased risk.

How is tuberculosis spread?  Tuberculosis is spread through the air when a person with untreated pulmonary TB coughs or sneezes. Prolonged exposure to a person with untreated TB usually is necessary for infection to occur.

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New York State TB trends  
2013 New York State Annual TB Report can be found here TB Tables and Figures


  • In 2014 New York State again ranked 3rd in number of TB cases, & its case rate (4.1/100,000) continues to be one of the highest in the country.
  • In 2014, 786 cases were reported statewide, a 10.0 percent decrease from a total of 873 cases in 2013. 
  • In New York City, 585 cases were reported for 2014, representing a 10.8 percent decrease from 2013. 
  • In New York State excluding New York City, 201 cases were reported, a 7.4 percent decrease from 2013. 
  • Forty-seven percent of cases outside NYC were reported from three counties, Nassau, Westchester and Suffolk. 
  • One case was diagnosed among NYS DOCCS prison inmates, compared to 75 or more each year in the early 1990s. 
  • There were 12 new multidrug-resistant TB cases, including one extensively drug resistant (XDR), diagnosed in New York State in 2014, an increase from 10 in 2013.  
  • In 2014, 83.6% of cases were among persons born outside the United States, with predominant areas of origin including Latin America, East Asia, and the Indian subcontinent. 

Note that the annual statistical report provides additional information on cases through 2013; a similar report will be developed later this year for 2014.


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