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Point Of Dispensing (POD) Drill

A "POD" (point of dispensing) site is a facility that has been designated for the administration of mass vaccinations or mass dispensing of medications in the event of a major public health emergency or pandemic.

Chemung County has been planning for the creation of POD sites and exercised their plan on Wednesday, November 22, 2006 at Elmira Free Academy (EFA).  They were prepared to administer 1,000 doses of FLU VACCINE to the general public free of charge in an effort to test their ability to provide vaccinations to a lot of people in a very short period of time. 

The general public was invited and encouraged to participate in this drill. The health department was counting on people in the community that had not yet received their FLU VACCINE to come to EFA between 9:00 and 11:00 to receive the shot.

This exercise was intentionally not advertised too far in advance because it was important that those individuals that are considered most at risk for getting the FLU should not delay getting the vaccine.  Most of those "at risk" would be covered by Medicare and thus would not have to pay for the shot anyway.

People deciding to participate in the drill were made aware of a few things prior to the exercise:

- access to the EFA campus would be restricted the morning of the drill until 8:30 AM, at which time participants would be allowed to enter upon the campus (to get a parking spot and/or get in line) - It was NOT necessary to show up prior to 9:00 AM when the doors opened - Staff were located in the driveway and parking lot to assist in parking

- the only entrance into the building was behind the school and doors to the building were opened at 9:00 AM (and not a minute sooner) to allow people in to the building to start the vaccination process

- once the participant entered the building they were greeted by staff, "triaged" to make sure that they were feeling well enough to receive a shot, and provided with a packet of information

-just past the "triage" area, staff were available to assist those individuals with "special needs"

- participants walked down the hallway to the auditorium where they were given an opportunity to read the FLU VACCINATION Fact Sheet

NOTE:  By clicking HERE you can see a copy of the Fact Sheet that was provided to all participants

-participants were then asked if they had read the Fact Sheet and whether they had any questions - any questions were answered at this time by Flu Vaccine Educators

-participants were provided with a clipboard and pen so that they could complete the Flu Vaccination Form provided in their packet - to see a copy of what they needed to complete the morning of the Flu Shot exercise, click HERE.

- once the vaccination form was completed, the participants showed the form to a Screener who determined if the form had been completed properly and whether any further Medical Evaluation was required




- from there, the participants went into the "vaccination waiting area" where they waited to be taken to the vaccination station - there was not too long of a wait since there were 10 nurses providing shots

NOTE: At this point, participants were advised to remove any outside clothing and prepare for the Vaccinator to have access to their upper arm near their shoulder

- when the participant arrived at the vaccination station in the gymnasium, a nurse administered the flu shot and completed the paperwork

- finally, the participant moved to the "Exit Review / Form Collection station where they turned in the appropriate paperwork and were provided with the paperwork that they need to take with them and then exited the building near the same location where they entered

There were staff called Flow Monitors  located throughout the entire vaccination path that helped to show participants where to go

Members of the Incident Command Team were on hand to observe and evaluate the the entire process and deemed this exercise to be a complete success for two reasons.  First, it was demonstrated that it is possible to vaccinate masses of people in a short period of time in the event of an emergency.  Second, areas of improvement were able to be identified that will only make for a better plan in the future.

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