What Are The Benefits Of Breastfeeding?

Colostrum is the first milk your baby gets!   It is yellow in color and is thick in consistency.  Your new baby needs to eat small amounts often and colostrum is made in small amounts.  You may not even notice the colostrum this does not mean it isnít there!!!

Benefits of colostrum:

         Perfect for babyís nutrition

         It prepares babyís system for healthy digestion

         Helps babies pass their first bowel movement

         Full of antibodies that fight germs

         Builds immunity

** Some moms think they ďarenít able to produce breastmilkĒ because they donít see milk right away.  This is normal as milk doesnít come in until between days 3-5.

Benefits of Breastfeeding 

Benefits for Babies (Emotional)

- Reduce frustration because hunger can be satisfied immediately
- Lots of close physical contact provides comfort for the baby and helps build strong ties of love
-Suckling at the breast is comforting for a fussy or ill baby
-Babies learn to know their mothers through all senses (taste, smell, touch, sight, hearing)
- As babies grow breastfeeding fills other needs such as those for closeness and security that affect the entire mother-child relationship

Benefits for Babies (Physical)

- Breastmilk is the only food babies need for the first 6 months
- Breastmilk supplies all the necessary nutrients in proper proportions
- Breastmilk is easily digested which means no constipation and fewer stomach upsets
- Breastmilk changes constantly to meet babies' needs - the milk changes in volume and composition according to the time of day, nursing frequency, and the age of the baby
- Breastmilk provides antibodies to illnesses that the mother has been exposed to
- Breastfeeding protects against infections
- Breastmilk decreases a predisposition to future diseases such as diabetes
- Breastmilk keeps babies well hydrated during illnesses and speeds recovery
- Breastmilk reduces the risk of allergies
- Breastmilk reduces the chance of obesity later in life
- Breastmilk enhances correct brain development
- Breastmilk enhances proper jaw development

Benefits for Mothers (Emotional) - Breastmilk is a very special gift for your baby that only you can provide
- The hormones released during breastfeeding relax both mothers and babies
- The mother's confidence is enhanced by her ability to meet the needs of her baby, satisfying his/her hunger, and comforting him/her when fussy or ill
- The closeness afforded by breastfeeding increases mother's awareness of their babies needs enhancing the bonding between them
Benefits for Mothers (Physical) - Breastfeeding after delivery reduces the risk of hemorrhaging because oxytocin (one of the hormones stimulated by suckling) contract the uterus
- Breastfeeding makes it easier for mothers to lsoe the weight they put on during pregnancy
- Night feedings are easier and less disruptive
- Breastfeeding reduces the risk of some forms of breast cancer
- It helps mom's get back in shape by burning 500 calories a day
Benefits for Families - Breastfed babies are healthier and require fewer doctor visits
- No costly formula and no bottles to wash, prepare, and store
- Breastfeeding moms are more relaxed and less hassled
- Breastmilk is always the perfect temperature
- Babies needs are met quickly reduce family stress
- Breastfeeding saves time and money
- Breastfeeding is environmentally friendly
- It does not go bad or spoil
- There are never recalls on your breastmilk

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