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New On-Site Wastewater Treatment Systems - Contractors

Step-By-Step Procedure for Obtaining a New Permit To Construct an OWTS - Contractor Information

1.  Prior to the issuance of a Construction Permit, a Site Evaluation must be performed.  A Site Evaluation is an inspection performed by a Public Health Sanitarian to determine whether the parcel in question is suitable for construction of a new septic system.  The homeowner may have already made arrangements for a Site Evaluation.  When you receive a call from a property owner about constructing an OWTS, ask them whether or not a Site Evaluation has been completed and whether or not they have a copy of the form.

2.  The Site Evaluation Form will have all the information necessary for a contractor to provide a quote to a property owner for constructing the OWTS.  If there are still questions that aren't answered on the form, feel free to contact the sanitarian that conducted the site evaluation to ask for a clarification.

3.  If you have signed a contract with a property owner to construct an OWTS, then it is safe to apply for an OWTS Construction Permit.  Click HERE for a copy of the latest application. 

4.  It does not matter whether the contractor pays the permit fee and submits the application or whether the property owner pays the fee and submits the application.  However, the permit will ONLY be issued to a registered contractor.  If you are not currently a registered contractor, click HERE for more information on becoming a registered contractor.

5.  The permit will be mailed (or you can pick it up if you choose) to the contractor.  There will also be a copy of the permit that the contractor will be expected to provide to the property owner.  The permit will be good for one year.  If the system has not been constructed prior to the expiration date of the permit, the permit can be renewed upon receipt of the appropriate application and fee.

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