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Public Water Supplies

This page is intended to assist both the consumer of public water as well as those responsible for operating Public Water Supplies (PWS's).

The regulation governing Public Water Systems is found in Subpart 5-1 of the NYS Sanitary Code.  To download a copy of Subpart 5-1, click here.

A new standard has been created by the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) for the construction of wells serving public water systems.  The standard is Appendix 5-D and is called "Special Requirements for Wells Serving Public Water Systems".  To view Appendix 5-D, click HERE.

The form that is to completed and included with engineered plans for public water system improvements (including watermain extensions) is DOH-348.  For a copy of DOH-348, click here.

PWS's are required to keep daily records of the operation of their water system.  This is done on a form called the Water System Operation Report.  To download a blank Water System Operation Report, click here.

The NYSDOH has a lot of resources available for Public Water Supplies and the general public.  Rather than duplicate that information here, we will simply provide you with links to important pages of the NYSDOH website. Click on the appropriate link below to go to the State's webpage covering that topic:


NYSDOH Cross Connection Control Program 

For a list of local backflow prevention device testers, click HERE .

Water Operator Certification Program

NYSDOH Public Water Supply Forms

NYSDOH Drinking Water Protection Program 

The staff covering these programs in Chemung County include Lindsey Brown, Senior Environmental Health Specialist and Dennis Rathbun, Jr., Environmental Health Specialist.  They can be reached at (607) 737-2019 during our normal business hours.

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