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NYS Clean Indoor Air Act

The New York State Clean Indoor Air Act (CIAA) is a regulation that addresses smoking in public places.  The Chemung County Health Department is responsible for enforcement of this law.  The NYS Department of Health has information on the smoking law.  To go to the State's website to access the information they have available on the Clean Indoor Air Act, click HERE.

There is a disclaimer on the CIAA Law link on the NYSDOH website, so the actual text as of 3/16/17 from the State Legislature website is provided HERE.

UPDATE...Governor Cuomo signed legislation on July 31, 2013 that prohibits smoking on the grounds of hospitals and residential care facilities.  That provision is scheduled to take effect on October 29, 2013.  For more information, click HERE.


In 2003, the Chemung County Board of Health approved the issuance of waivers to the CIAA in Chemung County as long as certain preliminary criteria were met.  However, recent information provided to the County by the American Cancer Society suggests that Chemung County has a higher incidence of cancer than many other upstate counties.  Also, Chemung County has issued almost the largest number of smoking waivers per capita in all of New York State.  Nearly half of all counties in New York State have not issued smoking waivers in their counties.  Some other counties are currently considering the elimination of waivers in their counties.

....and now here is the latest news on smoking waivers.....

The Board of Health passed a few resolutions at a special meeting held on February 27, 2007. 

First, the Board resolved that there would be no new waivers issued to facilities requesting new waivers. 

Second, the Board resolved that any facility with an existing smoking waiver would not be given the opportunity to renew the waiver. 

Third, the Board resolved to revise the expiration date of the existing waivers to December 31, 2007 for any facility whose original expiration date was in 2008.

Membership Association Exemption

When the smoking law was passed in 2003, there was an exemption listed for "membership associations".  Go to the link above and review the text of the Clean Indoor Air Act to learn the definition of "membership associations".  If you feel that you may be exempt, there is a form that you can sign and submit to the Health Department to claim the exemption.  For a copy of the exemption form, click HERE.

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