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Food Service Establishment Inspection Results

In order to understand the results of the inspections conducted at local food service establishments, please take a moment to read the following information on violations.  It is common for our inspectors to find some type of violation at each facility.  However, the fact that a violation was written does not mean that the facility is any better or worse than another facility.  Inspectors may not catch or observe every issue during each inspection.  There are serious issues they will look for first and work down from there.  Remember that the inspection report is only a record of what the inspector saw while they were at the facility at that moment in time.

Violations fall into two main categories:

-RED (Critical) VIOLATIONS - These relate directly to factors which could lead to food-borne illness or injury.  These violations generally involve the food source and condition, food cooking and storage temperatures, sanitary practices, water and sewage, pest control, and the use of poisonous materials.  To view a list of the various types of Red Violations that could be cited at a facility and that might be listed on a specific inspection, click HERE.  This list will give a generic description of the types of issues that would come under that particular violation number.  However, it is important to read the actual violation description on the inspection report in order to judge the severity of the violation in each particular situation.  It is generally expected that "critical" violations be corrected while the inspector is present at the facility.

-BLUE (Non-Critical) VIOLATIONS - These violations do not directly cause food-borne illness or injury, but could negatively affect the operation of the establishment.  They relate to the design and maintenance of the facility as well as to the cleanliness. In general, these violations are less critical, but even within all the possibilities of "blue" violations, there are some that are more serious than others.  Some of these violations may not seem to be very critical, but they are still documented on the inspection report as a means to communicate to the facility of an issue that needs to be addressed.  To view a list of the various types of Blue Violations that could be cited at a facility and that might be listed on a specific inspection, click HERE.  This list will give a generic description of the types of issues that would come under that violation number.  However, it is important to read the actual violation description on the inspection report in order to judge the severity of the violation in each particular situation.

...And finally, if you have any questions about a specific violation at a specific facility, please contact the Environmental Health staff at (607)-737-2019 to discuss the situation for a better understanding of the issue.  Our staff can give you a fairly good explanation as to whether it is something you need to be concerned about or not.  If we come across a facility we feel is unsafe and should not be open, we will take the appropriate action to correct that situation.

Enforcement Procedure -

Listed below (alphabetically) are the inspection reports for Food Service Establishments in Chemung County for 2020.  To view inspections conducted between 2015 and 2019 please see the page link below the 2020 inspections.

Last Updated 8/30/2021 -  Thai Asian, Texas Roadhouse, Starbucks, Pennsylvania Ave UMC, Mackenzie's Pub, Harris Hill Park Concession, Harris BLDG Cafe, Ernie Davis Com. Ctr Prep, Edison High. 

Listed below are all food service inspections completed to date in 2021 (in alphabetical order):  Click on letter to jump to that section



32 Degrees Below - 6-24-2021  

AJ's Deli - Southport  2-17-2021  

 AJ's Deli - Arnot Mall 2-23-2021 

AJ's Deli - Arnot Mall 3-16-2021 

Applebee's Bar & Grill 7-28-2021  

Arby's #6527 5-14-2021  

Auntie Anne's 2-23-2021 

B & M Hots (Mobile) 7-21-2021  

Bagels & Blarney 2-25-2021  

Bagels & Blarney 3-17-2021 

Barb's Soups on Cafe 2-23-2021 

Barb's Soups on Cafe 4-8-2021 

Barnes & Noble Booksellers, Inc 2-17-2021 

Barnes & Noble Booksellers, Inc 4-28-2021  

Barnes & Noble Booksellers, Inc 6-8-2021  

Baskin Robbins 5-12-2021  

Bee's Sweets 6-1-2021  

Bell's Country Coffee - Bakery Kitchen 2-23-2021 

Bell's Country Coffee 2-23-2021 

Bell's Country Coffee 3-15-2021 

Big Top Ice Cream 5-6-2021 

Bob's 5-14-2021  

Bob's 7-13-2021  

Brady's Pub 8-6-2021  

Bragg Towers Tenants Assoc. 6-9-2021  

Brigg's Hots (Mobile) 4-23-2021 

Buffalo Wild Wings 5-7-2021  

Burger King (Horseheads) 2-24-2021 

Burger King (Elmira) 4-9-2021 

Burns Dog Pound (Mobile) 4-19-2021 

Cake Cravings (Catering) 3-31-2021  

C and K Eatery/Mott's Hots 7-16-2021  

C and K Eatery Mott's Hott's (Mobile) 8-5-2021  

Capabilities Kitchen 6-7-2021 

Catering To You 5-13-2021  

Central Hots 4-27-2021 

Chambers Food Service 7-19-2021  

Chambers Food Service 7-29-2021 

Chapel Park Summer Feeding Site 7-22-2021 

Charley's Philly Steaks 5-12-2021 

Cheesy Dreams & Other Things 1-22-2021 

Cinnabon - Arnot Mall 2-23-2021 

Cinnabon - Arnot Mall 3-16-2021 

Cinnabon - Arnot Mall 6-03-2021  

Coburn School Summer Feeding Site 7-9-2021  

Coburn School Summer Feeding Site 7-15-2021  

Coburn School Summer Feeding Site 7-15-2021  

Coffee Talk 7-29-2021  

Cohen Summer Feeding Site 7-19-2021  

Cold Rush Italian Ice (Mobile) 4-7-2021 

Cold Rush Italian Ice (Mobile) 5/27/2021 

Congregate Nutrition Program - Bragg Towers 6-9-2021  

Congregate Nutrition Program - Flannery Apts 6-11-2021  

Cosmic Crustacean (Mobile) 3-8-2021 

Covalita's (Mobile) 4-15-2021  

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store 4-28-2021 

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store 6-8-2021  

Curly's Chicken House 6-7-2021  

Denim Axe Co. 3-1-2021 

Diven School Cafeteria 4-22-2021 

Diven Summer Feeding Site 7-28-2021   

DJ's Golf Center 4-27-2021   

DJ's Golf Center 5-11-2021 

Domino's Pizza - Elmira 1-13-2021  

Domino's Pizza - Horseheads 2-24-2021 

Domino's Pizza Elmira - 5-11-2021  

Domino's Pizza Elmira 5-20-2021  

Domino's Pizza Elmira 6-30-2021  

Doug's Fish Fry (Mobile) 5-4-2021   

Doug's Fish Fry (Mobile) 5-10-2021  

Dragon Wok 7-13-2021  

Draxler Parks Summer Feeding Site  7-22-2021  

Dunkin (Big Flats) 5-11-2021 

Dunkin (Big Flats) 6-11-2021  

Dunkin (Big Flats) 7-19-2021  

Dunkin (Center St.) 3-4-2021 

Dunkin (Center St) 3-25-2021 

Dunkin (College Ave) 2-23-2021   

Dunkin (Elmira- Madison Ave.) 2-26-2021 

Dunkin (Elmira) 3-15-2021  

Dunkin (Miracle Mile) 4-21-2021 

Dunkin (WalMart) 4-21-2021 

Dunn Field Concession 7-13-2021  

Dunn Field Concession 7-27-2021  

Dusk Cantina (Mobile) 8-2-2021  

Edison High Summer Feeding Site 7-20-2021   

Edison High - Junior Store & Field House 8-24-2021   

Elmer Goodwin Park Summer Feeding Site 7-26-2021      

Elmira Community Kitchen 6-8-2021 

Elmira Community Kitchen 6-17-2021  

Elmira Correctional Facilty  2-17-2021  

Elmira Country Club Halfway House 8-12-2021  

Elmira Country Club Snack Bar 8-12-2021 

Elmira High Prep for Summer Feeding  7-13-2021  

Elmira High Summer Feeding Site 7-14-2021  

Elmira Little League Concession 6-8-2021  

Elmira Tea & Coffee House 3-24-2021  

EOP Kitchen at Ernie Davis Community Center 7-22-2021   

Ernie Davis Com. Ctr Prep for Summer Feeding Site  7-22-2021   

Ernie Davis Com. Ctr Prep for Summer Feeding Site 8-12-2021  

Ernie Davis Family Centers Summer Feeding Site 7-22-2021  

Family Services Cafeteria 6-7-2021   

Fassett School Summer Feeding Site 8-4-2021 

Fast Lane Phillys (Mobile) 6-9-2021  

Fat City 5-26-2021 

Fergie's 19th Hole 3-2-2021  Resulted in Enforcement   

Finger Lakes House 6-30-2021  

Firehouse Subs (Mobile) 8-9-2021  

First Baptist Church of HHDS Summer Feeding Site 7-21-2021 

Five Guys Burgers & Fries 2-24-2021 

Flannery Apt's Tenants Assoc. 6-15-2021  

Frontline Community CTR. Summer Feeding Site 7-20-2021 

Global Taco Cheesy Rider (Mobile) 4-5-2021   

Global Taco Cheesy Rider (Mobile) 5-27-2021  

Giuseppe's Pizzeria 6-29-2021  

Grove Park Summer Feeding Site 8-9-2021  

GST BOCES Summer Feeding Site 7-27-2021  

GST BOCES Summer Feeding Site 7-27-2021  

Hamlet Delights 4-30-2021  

Harris Bldg Cafe 8-18-2021  

Harris Hill Park Concession Stand 8-27-2021  

Heidi Ho's Food Truck 4-13-2021 

Heidi Ho's Food Truck 6-11-2021 

Hendy Ave School Summer Feeding Site 7-30-2021  

Hill Top Inn (catering) 5-27-2021  

Hilton - Restaurant Catering 6-30-2021  

Holy Family Elementary School Cafeteria 4-22-2021 

Holy Family Elementary School Cafeteria 5-13-2021  

Horseheads Pudgies Pizza 7-29-2021  

Jack Wagon (Mobile) 5-4-2021 

Joe G's Cooking With Fire (Mobile) 4-19-2021 

Julianna's Brickwood BBQ 8-6-2021  

 Kentucky Fried Chicken/Taco Bell 4-30-2021 

Kentucky Fried Chicken #658 - 5-27-2021  

Kiley's Deli 4-23-2021 

Kiley's Deli 7-22-2021

King Kone 6-10-2021  

Lakeside Cafe 7-5-2021  

Lickety Split 5-27-2021 

Lighthouse BBQ (Mobile) 4-7-2021 

Los Panchos (Mobile) 5-21-2021 

Los Panchos (Mobile) 7-27-2021  

Los Panchos (Mobile) 8-5-2021 

Mac's Tavern 3-3-2021  

Mackenzie's Pub 8-18-2021  

Maple Lawn Dairy & Restaurant 5-6-2021  

Maple Lawn Dairy & Restaurant 6-9-2021 

Master K's BBQ 6-2-2021  

Master K's BBQ 6-23-2021  

McConnell's Hots Mobile (Push Cart) 7-9-2021    

McDonald's (Big Flats) 4-30-2021 

McDonald's (Big Flats) 6-11-2021  

McDonald's (Elmira) 4-26-2021   

McDonald's (Grand Central) 3-3-2021  

McDonald's (Grand Central) 3-25-2021 

McDonald's (Southport) 5-6-2021  

McDonald's (Southport) 6-11-2021  

Meg's Cheeseboards 6-11-2021  

Mimi's Lounge 7-6-2021  

Moe's Southwest Grill 2-17-2021   

Mooney's Sports Bar & Grill 2-18-2021  Resulted in Enforcement   

My Eva (Mobile) 3-8-2021   

New York Sport & Fitness 3-25-2021 

 Ole Westside Tavern 7-30-2021  

On A Roll 4-26-2021 

On A Roll 4-30-2021 

Outback Steakhouse 5-5-2021 

Over The Moon Grilled Cheeserie (Mobile) 4-27-2021  

Over THe Moon Grilled Cheeserie (Mobile) 7-8-2021  

P.D.R's Catering 6-18-2021  

Paesano's 6-21-2021  

Paesano's 8-11-2021  

Panera Bread 4-29-2021 

Papa John's 4-23-2021 

Papa John's 8-5-2021  

Papa John's 8-6-2021  

Park Station Food Concession 7-27-2021  

Pennsylvania Ave UMC 8-16-2021  

Picnic Pizza of Big Flats 5-5-2021 

Popeyes 3-1-2021  

Pudgies Pizza & Subs - Southside 5-12-2021  

R & J Jamaican Cuisine 5-24-2021  

Ransom's Cluck & Smoke (Mobile) 3-30-2021  

Red Lobster #0616  6-2-2021 

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers 3-16-2021  Resulted in Enforcement 

Ridge Road School Summer Feeding Site 7-26-2021  

Riverside School Summer Feeding Site 8-2-2021  

Rocky Foods at Fairgrounds 8-4-2021  

Rocky Foods at Fairgrounds 8-5-2021  

Roundin Third Sports Grill 1-13-2021   

Salsa's Mexican Restaurant 6-4-2021  

Salvation Army Cafeteria 7-28-2021  

Serendipity Ice Cream & Coffee 4-23-2021  

Siam Elephants 2-17-2021  

Slammin Jammin BBQ Food Truck 5-28-2021 

Snyder's BAckwoods BBQ (Mobile) 5-18-2021  

Soaring Eagles Golf Course 7-16-2021  

Somethin' To Taco 'Bout (Mobile) 3-10-2021  

Somethin' To Taco 'Bout (Mobile) 5-21-2021   

Somethin' To Taco 'Bout (Mobile) 7-2-2021  

Southport Correctional Facility 6-3-2021  

Southside Community Center 8-9-2021  

Southside Sub Shop 1-4-2021  

Southside Sub Shop 5-6-2021 

Starbucks 1855 Room 8-18-2021  

Starbucks Coffee #61385  2-11-2021 

Starbucks Coffee #61385  4-30-2021 

Stoney's Casablanca 6-3-2021  

Subway (Chambers Rd) 3-18-2021 

Subway (Davis St.) 4-13-2021 

Subway (Grand Central Plaza) 4-22-2021 

Subway (Langdon Plaza) 4-15-2021 

Subway (Southtown Plaza) 4-8-2021 

Subway (Village Plaza) 3-18-2021 

Subway (W. Water St) 4-15-2021  

Sugar & Spice Restaurant 7-2-2021  

Sweet Frog 3-1-2021 

T.G.I. Fridays 3-1-2021 

T.G.I. Fridays 3-16-2021 

Taco Bell #28969 3-1-2021  

Tag's Tavern 6-16-2021  

Tag's Tavern 7-2-2021 

Texas Roadhouse 8-13-2021  

Thai Asian 8-20-2021  

The Boar's Nest 6-7-2021  

The Branch Office 7-2-2021  

The Dairy Barn 6-1-2021  

The Diner 5-26-2021  

The Finger Lakes Cheese Bus (catering) 5-20-2021  

The Flying Cow (Mobile) 4-8-2021  Resulted in Enforcement      

The Last Stand 7-1-2021  

The Popcorn Truck (Mobile) 5-21-2021  

The Popcorn Truck 6-17-2021 

The Qountry Tavern 4-12-2021 

The Sand Bar 6-16-2021  

The Sauce Boss 3-2-2021 

The Sauce Boss 3-11-2021  

The Shoe Inn 7-8-2021  

Thorne St. Park Summer Feeding Site 7-14-2021  

Top Shelf Wine & Liquor 6-10-2021  

Town Tavern 6-30-2021  

Turtle Leaf Cafe 6-17-2021  

 Van Etten Summer Feeding Site 7-28-2021 

Wellsburg Diner 5-14-2021  

Wellsburg Diner 6-9-2021  

Wendy's (Consumer Sq.) 2-24-2021  

Wendy's (Consumer Sq.) 3-11-2021  

Willowcreek Golf Club Bar - Gabe's Grille 6-7-2021  

YWCA Summer Feeding Site 7-14-2021  

YWCA Summer Feeding Site 7-15-2021  

Zack's Grill (Mobile) 4-16-2021 








All inspections conducted between January 1, 2020 and December 31, 2020 have been moved to another page. To view the 2020 inspections, click HERE.  



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