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Emergency Preparedness

New Coronavirus Toolkit for Nursing & Senior Facilities (r03.10.20)

The Chemung County Emergency Preparedness Committee is comprised of members from several local agencies or facilities with an interest in serving our community's emergency needs.  The committee includes representatives from the Chemung County Health Department, Chemung County Emergency Management Office, Chemung County Office of Records & Public Information, Chemung County Office of Mental Hygiene, Arnot Ogden Medical Center, St. Joseph's Hospital, Chemung County Sheriff's Department, Elmira City Fire Department, Elmira City Police Department, EMSTAR, Chemung County Medical Society, Elmira Psychiatric Center, and the American Red Cross.

The Committee meets regularly to provide assistance with the development and refinement of emergency response plans.  Most efforts in the past have been in the area of bioterrorism readiness, but the attention most recently has shifted to preparations for responding to pandemic flu.

The federal Centers for Disease Control has created an informative guide for individuals and families with information on what pandemic flu is and how you can prepare for it.  To download a copy of that guide, click here.

The toolkit is a compilation of resources to help agencies assist you as you prepare in advance for any type of emergency. The Following categories of resources are included in this toolkit: 

  • General Preparedness tips
  • Food Safety
  • Emergency Supply Checklist and Communication Plans
  • Utility Outages
  • Special Safety Resources


For additional information and links, go to the Chemung County Emergency Management-Public Awareness page by clicking HERE.

For more information on Pandemic Influenza, visit our Pandemic Influenza webpage by clicking HERE.

BIRD FLU (Avian Flu)

Bird Flu has recently become a very popular topic.  A new page has been created to address some of your questions and concerns regarding Bird Flu.  To go to our Bird Flu page, click HERE.

Chemung County Medical Reserve Corps

The Chemung County Medical Reserve Corps (CCMRC) is part of a national program with a local, community-based emphasis.  Its mission is to support emergency response efforts by recruiting and training local medical and health volunteers to respond during public health emergencies.  CCMRC volunteers supplement the local public health response in the event of a major public health emergency such as: pandemic flu, bioterrorism event or natural disaster.

This volunteer corps includes: physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, EMT's and paramedics, veterinarians, dentists, pharmacists, and others who are trained in the dispensing of medication or vaccinations.

To enroll in the Chemung County Medical Reserve Corps go to:

If you need assistance with the enrollment, please call 607-737-2826.

CCMRC is listed on the Federal MRC web site.  For more information on this nation-wide effort go to:

Visit the CDC's site for more information on "Emergency Preparedness and Response":


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