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Public Water Systems - Annual Water Quality Reports

Listed below alphabetically are all of the community water systems in Chemung County that are required to prepare and distribute an Annual Water Quality Report (AWQR).  To review the most recent report click on the name of the water system below:

Angies MHP East AWQR 2020    

Angies MHP West AWQR 2020      

Beaver Valley Water District AWQR 2020     

Big Flats WD4 2020 AWQR    

Big Flats WD5 2020 AWQR   

Birchland AWQR 2020         

Carriage Estates AWQR 2020     

Collingwood AWQR 2020  

Crestwood AWQR 2020   

Elmira Water Board 2020 AWQR   

Erin Estates MHP AWQR 2020    

Holly Park Terrace AWQR 2020    

Horseheads 2020 AWQR  

Maplehurst AWQR 2020    

Millport AWQR 2020 

Newtown Creek Community AWQR 2020     

Northstar MHP AWQR 2020    

Pine Valley Acres AWQR 2020     

Rolling Acres MHP AWQR 2020     

Shepards Creek MHP AWQR 2020     

Thunderbird Greens AWQR 2020     

Twin Fawn AWQR 2020    

Van Etten Town AWQR 2020     

Wellsburg AWQR 2020      

Whispering Winds AWQR 2020     





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