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Daily COVID-19 Updates

The Chemung County Health Department provides the public with regular COVID-19 updates. Access the archived updates below.

01.26.2021 Health Department Hashtag 

01.27.2021 Vaccine Dose Update

01.27.2021 Chemung County Allows Higher Risk Sports

01.28.2021 Vaccine is Just One Tool

01.29.2021 If You Are Sick

02.01.2021 Thank You Volunteers

02.02.2021 Please Be Patient With Local Vaccine Rollout

02.03.2021 Celebrate the Super Bowl Safely

02.04.2021 COVID-19 Vaccine Update

02.05.2021 How do mRNA vaccines work?

02.08.2021 Vaccination Wait List

02.09.2021 Chemung County Data Dashboard

02.10.2021 Risk of COVID-19 Increases

02.11.2021 Mental Health

02.17.2021 Mask Wearing

02.18.2021 Testing Negative

02.19.2021 #MyWhyChemung

02.22.2021 Getting Back to Normal

02.23.2021 CDC Parent Resource Kit

02.24.2021 Vaccine Helps Prevent Severe Disease and Death

02.25.2021 Clarification on Travel Guidance

02.26.2021 The vaccine cannot give you COVID-19

03.01.2021 Second Dose Is Important

03.02.2021 Need Vaccinators

03.03.2021 NYS Vaccine Tracker

03.04.2021 Double Masking

03.05.2021 March Colorectal Cancer Awareness

03.08.2021 COVID-19 Vaccine Isn't Live Virus

03.09.2021 COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics

03.10.2021 CDC Parent Resource Kit

03.11.2021 Vaccine Is Just One Tool

03.12.2021 Updated Travel Guidance

03.15.2021 CCHD Vaccination Clinics

03.16.2021 COVID-19 Vaccines

03.17.2021 We Need Volunteers

03.18.2021 Benefits of Getting COVID-19 Vaccine

03.19.2021 Tips for Your Mental Health

03.22.2021 COVID-19 Vaccines

03.23.2021 Mask Wearing

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