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Antibiotic Resistance

Antibiotic resistance – when bacteria stop responding to the drugs designed to kill them – is possibly the single most important infectious disease threat we face today. We risk turning back the clock to a world where simple infections could kill people as they did a century ago.

Each year, more than 2 million people in the United States get infections from germs that are resistant to antibiotics– and at least 23,000 people die as a result. o C. difficile infections – which can occur after using antibiotics – kill at least another 15,000 Americans a year.

Antibiotic Stewardship

The single most important action to slow the development and spread of antibiotic-resistant infections is for us – every one of us – to improve the way antibiotics are prescribed and used.

If we don’t take better care of the antibiotics we have today – if we aren't better stewards of them – we may lose these antibiotics and the next ones that come along. o If we lose antibiotics, we also undermine our ability to provide organ transplants, save victims of burns and trauma, and treat patients with sepsis and cancer.

o Antibiotics and everything they support could become obsolete.

Antibiotic stewardship programs and interventions help ensure that patients receive antibiotics only when absolutely necessary; and when they

In Recent News:

Here, a new study is released this week by CDC and Pew Charitable Trusts that finds only 52 percent of patients were prescribed recommended “first-line” antibiotics rather than broader spectrum ABX. See more in the first article from PBS “Frontline”

Also: A doctor describes his study of previously disregarded antibacterial compounds.


And also: students say they have built a device that can quickly diagnose bacterial infections via patient blood sample.


Click here for more information from the CDC

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